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Sunbeam Classic Car

The term classic car is often used synonymously with antique car, but (in the United States) the formal definition[citation needed] of that term has it as applying only to certain specific high-quality vehicles from the pre-World War II era.

25 years is about double the design life of modern cars and an even greater increment on those cars now 25 years old; therefore, a car that's reached 25 is a rare survivor, and often not economical to maintain as regular transportation.

Owning, restoring and collecting antique cars is a popular hobby worldwide.


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Austin Seven

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Triumph Stag


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Rolls Royce Silver Spirit

Finished in Royal Blue with Parchment hide interior. Top roll in Royal Blue hide, lower roll in Parchment hide. Dark Blue carpets. VHS video system with television monitors to rear of front headrests. Low mileage.


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Sunbeam Motorcycle



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Star Orion



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Sunbeam Tricycle

    £ POA

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