Who, or what deciphers a truly great piece of art?

Do we look to a qualification, or is it truly in the eye of the beholder? Does it really matter, as long as we are inspired and transported by what we see or feel. When adding to our already delightful and incredibly diverse collection here, we use many different criteria to assist in our choices, but there is one question we always ask, and that is, would we buy it for our own home? If we can answer yes, and we are trying to be modest here, then we can usually buy with confidence, knowing the majority of collectors would agree. Of course you will want to feel you are making an investment. That goes without saying. Rest assured we have covered that too…

Beach Bums

Pacific Sunrise

Spirit Of Love

Tickly Feet

Queen Square, 1910

Revolution - Sarah Jane Szikora

'Revolution' Limited Edition Print - Sarah Jane Szikora

A/P 5/29


The Foolish Little Biscuit - Sarah Jane Szikora

'The Foolish Little Biscuit' Limited Edition Print - Sarah Jane Szikora

A/P 2/29


All In A Life's Work - Paul Horton

'All In A Life's Work' Limited Edition Print - Paul Horton



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