Antique Fireplaces

We are real hot stuff when it comes to fireplaces. We realise the importance of the 'wow' factor when someone enters the room, or the comfort felt when coming home at the end of a cold winters day. Maybe you just need a lovely backdrop for a magnificent array of summer flowers, or a simple jug of daffodils in spring! Whatever the reason for your fireplace, we have a delightful selection to suit most nooks and crannys, even yours. Of course we didnít stop there, we needed beautiful accessories to complement, hence, the addition of our Fireside Range. Companion sets, for a clean sweep, in every concievable design, many reproduced from originals found in the grand old homes of the 18th century. Beautiful coal dispensers and scuttles and Pails, old bellows and Bed Pans, the list is endless. Just to really impress, we have used warm mellow Copper in a number of our designs, especially with our lovely jugs and kettles. It can really warm a room! Donít just take our word for it, ditch the winter woollies and take a look.

Victorian Cast Iron Fire Front

Fire front and back, perfect reproduction, faithfully recreated and perfectly practical, heavy weight and in perfect condition.


Antique Fireplace



Antique Fire Dogs



Antique Fire Dogs



Copper Coal Scuttle

Perfect condition with brass clasps and hinge detail.