What is more alluring and peaceful, than the glow of an old street lantern. Not for us, the harsh, unforgiving glare of fluorescent bulbs and tubes. We want to be bathed in a restful gentle light, promotive of a good nights sleep.. Hence we have designed a most delightful range of street lanterns, in many different designs and finishes. Old traditional Brass and Copper , or quirky bright Chrome, .and of course we would not use anything less than the addition of our trusted Black Country cast iron. All in all we have all your gardens and driveways covered, including little corners or big patios and lawns. Trust us to be the leading light!


Antique Patio Post Lanterns

These antique patio posts are available in a variety of finishes as illustrated, with a choice of copper or black lanterns.


Hurricane Lantern

Hurricane Lantern 2

Black Victorian Lantern

Copper Victorian Lantern

Elegant Victorian Lampost

Small Victorian Lampost & Lantern Set Black/Copper

Medium Victorian Lampost & Lantern Set Black/Copper

Large Victorian Lampost & Lantern Set Black/Copper