Antique Clocks

Some folks just cant resist a lovely old clock. Whether itís the elegance of a Grandfather, or a dainty mantle clock, we have a number of clocks, all different. Some need a little TLC. Some are just lovely to look at, for others , its all in the face. You decide...

Marble and Gilt Mantle Clock

Four Roman marble columns adorn the front face, whilst above the face is more gilt scroll work, in a ribbon design.


Dark Oak Georgian Grandfather Clock

Delightful painted face and dark slim line case. Two slim columns support the top of the case which has a band of inlay.


Medium Oak Mantle Clock

A very prettily carved oak clock, with a lovely gilt framed face.


Tall Oak Grandfather Clock

This large grandfather has a lovely Sun and Moon painted above its face. Two barley twist columns sit either side of the face and two either side of the upper case. The case is medium mahogany, with a lovely detailed patina.


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Small Oak Mantle Clock

This clock has some lovely wood inlay in the case around its face. It is dainty and would look lovely in a bedroom.


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Mahogany Case Mantle Clock


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Mahogany Case Mantle Clock


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French Alibasta Mantle Clock

In need of some TLC.


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Old 'Clocking In' Clock

Still in working order this is a lovely clock for wall mounting. It has a generous amount of ornate brasswork on the front with the word 'National' embellished in the middle.