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The Good Olde Days…

I'm sure if we had a penny for each time we have heard this being said, we would all be rich, and yet these four simple words , for many of us, encompass all that is warm and good about this life. The Grass was greener, the Sun was warmer, the days were longer , and recycling was pedalling the same stretch of lane, twice! Unfortunately, even in these days of advanced technology, we still haven't managed to turn back the "hands of time", but by surrounding ourselves with the beautiful, handcrafted and most probably labour intensive utensils, furniture and artefacts of yester year , we can somehow recreate the feelings of warmth and wellbeing that seem to have been lost in our modern day lives.

With those thoughts in mind, we have ,lovingly, and over many years collected a wealth of delightful and interesting items that span many different era’s, from the sublime to the ridiculous. Of course we cant promise that they will work as efficiently as they once did, but we don’t think you will mind, when you have unwrapped them and they are sitting proudly before you. Time travel, we cant give you, but if your looking for your own small piece of history, to use, to restore or simply to look at and covet, then sit back and take a leisurely stroll through our delightful collection, but be warned you may never want to leave..


Our products can all be viewed at our premises, by appointment first.

Please ring us on 01691 610952 to arrange, alternatively, simply fill in our contact form and we'll be back in touch shortly.